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Some more photos from Amsterdam last week, shot in our Air BnB and on a couple of evening walks we took together after Ben had finished work. I am back in London now, but spent the week in Amsterdam feeling like I was in a really creative space. I finally organised the archive section on the blog, you can see it all here. The only annoying thing is that at present it's still hosted on Squarespace (my new blog is Wix and there is now way of moving all the content over without doing it manually, which is just impossible for six years of content), so the search function on here will search all recent content, and you would have to head to the archive to search older content. I know that isn't ideal but hopefully is only a small drawback on the whole experience. 

Anyway, I will have some outfits coming your way soon, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these photos and they make you feel as calm as they make me feel :) 

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