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WOWEEE we shot a lot of film in Amsterdam! I love all the photos (I put these in black and white to mix it up a bit), and it's made me realise how little I take my camera out in London with me like I did last week in Amsterdam. I used to do that a lot when I was always shooting 'My Week on 35mm' a series that really taught me so much about film photography and how to shoot constantly and feel inspired it. Although ultimately, it stopped inspiring me. I realised I was taking the same photos week in, week out!! But I would love to start bringing my camera around London with me more again to shoot content like this, hopefully with more of a fresh eye and also with this new blog layout to play with. The weather this week is gorgeous so I shall start this little venture today and see what we get!! 


For these photos I shot on my Contax G2 with Kodak Portra, and a lot of the pictures are actually Bens' work! I was wearing & Other Stories ballet flats, COS t-shirt and vintage Levi's. My Novesta trainers with Uniqlo white socks, my Toteme camel jacket, these cream Raey trousers and these blue ones (obsessed with them both, might do a whole post just about them soon!!)  

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