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I turned 27! I got so drunk!! I nearly died of a hangover!! (or that's how it felt) I thought I would share the photos I had on my film camera from over my birthday weekend. I had the best time, and felt like I was fully back to feeling like 'me' after a while of struggling to get back to that place. On Thursday evening Mum came down and we spent Friday shopping and eating. We had breakfast at Leilas in Shoreditch which I have been wanting to do for a while (it was delicious). Then in the evening a group of us went for a birthday dinner at Bistroteque. I had spent the afternoon drinking so was already half cut when I got there, so getting these photos back was a nice trip down a very foggy memory lane. I wore my favourite black dress from The Line By K which I have had for about four years now. I love it and always feel amazing in it, so it's perfect to wear whenever I get the chance to get dressed up. Saturday was spent whimpering every time I had to open my eyes and trying to keep down food due to the worst hangover ever. I am thrilled to have finally gotten into wine but MY GOD a wine hangover really is in a league of it's own. On Sunday I went for a walk in Victoria Park with Sarah (took one of my favourite photos ever which is just below, it looks like a painting!!) and we went shopping in this great little vintage shop near London fields called Arch 389. I bought an amazing vintage lamp (might do a blog post all about it actually), which is in my bedroom and I love it. Monday I then went to the Lucian Freud exhibit at the Royal Academy. It was brilliant and I really recommend going - it was just very very busy, even for a monday afternoon! 

All in all it was an amazing birthday weekend filled with everyone I love, lots of laughter and me feeling spoilt rotten. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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