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These outfits felt like they were of a certain ilk, so I thought I would share them together in one post! Both involve a navy blue sweater I love, and bare legs (which already feels like I long distant memory due to this weather we are now having!) The knits in question are; my & Other Stories oversized one, and my Everlane cropped one. Two of the most worn jumpers in my wardrobe. I had worn the Everlane jumper with this Reformation dress while in Athens and I LOVED how they looked together. As London isn't offering up the 30 degree temperatures of Athens, I went with my Jimmy Choo boots with this look as opposed to sandals. I would also throw on my Gap wool jacket with this outfit to make it a perfect evening look - for dinner, an event, whatever you have going on. The boots make it seem super sexy, but it also feel very easy to wear and not too revealing at all! 

For the Stories knit, I went with some light layers. My Uniqlo linen shirt underneath, this one is perfect to layer with things like this because it's quire long down the back so it peaks out from underneath big jumpers. I also wore my tiny vintage mini skirt. I got this in Amsterdam a while ago, and wore it quite a bit throughout the Summer but it often felt a little too short at the back. So having my big shirt over it is the perfect way to remedy that. I kept the look preppy with my Manolo Blanhik slip ons, which I still find uncomfortable but still love how they look. Finished off my Bottega bag, I LOVED this outfit so much! 

EVERLANE KNIT (gifted) | REFORMATION DRESS (very similar one linked) | JIMMY CHOO BOOTS (gifted)



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