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As I am sure you can gather from the title, I spent the weekend in Barcelona and seemed to shoot enough content to last a lifetime, or at least a week! So I have two film posts coming your way, and a scrapbook from the trip. it’s the second time I have ever been to Barcelona, and for some reason I really didn’t love the city the first time I went - but because how many people love the city, I wanted to go back and give it a second chance. And I am so glad that I did, because it was so much more than I remembered it being, and was the perfect way to get a little bit of sunshine and a taste of Spring.

Recommendations wise, we stayed at the Yurbban Passage Hotel which I really would recommend, the location was amazing and the rooms a decent size, and lots of very covetable furniture as well as a very gorgeous roof terrace. The best meal we had was at La Plata, with just five items on the menu and not enough tables to actually seat us (we stood at the bar and ate), what might sound like a less than ideal dining experience was actually the very very best!

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