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Yesterday I went to the Anthony Gormley exhibition at the Royal Academy and loved it so much I wanted to share the photos I took on here! It was super busy (And that was mid week), so I would book tickets ASAP if you want to go. Admittedly,  I don't know too much about Gormley, I did my dissertation at uni on Anthony Caro, and from there do find myself being very interested in sculpture (often over painting). This exhibition was brilliant. So varied in its media - there were some paintings and drawings, a room full of wire you can climb through, a huge black structure of tunnels and small rooms that mostly plunge you into total darkness aside from the odd shaft of light. My favourite room was one filled with water and sediment, which I could revisit everyday and see it changing as it marked the skirting boards with a tide line and produced new pockets of bubbles on the surface.  I bought a book about him which I can't wait to get into, and I am now deperate to head back up North to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see some more of his work! 

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