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I love these photos Isaac and I shot in the studio a few weeks ago. I have been spreading out the content a little so it didn’t seem like too much similar images all at once, but each time I have come back to them I have loved them every more. These are all of the last few I have to share, and I am loving seeing them in a mix like this. There are some specific items in this post I want to talk about too;

These ByFar shoes. These are the first pair I have by them, and they have been a brand I have seen so much on Instagram for so long. They kindly sent me these, and so far I really like them. I haven’t had the chance to wear them in real life because I have quite thin feet, so I need to wear them when it’s hot and my feet are a little more swollen so will keep the shoes on easily. I love the square toe and the block heel which is perfect feel height for holiday evenings when you want to feel and look nice but still feel comfortable.


The Dear Frances kitten heels! Vlog watchers are already familiar with these ones, and my conundrum over them. I am not a lover of a kitten heel and I never have been, but Jane really want to see if she could be the one to turn me with these heels. I LOVE how they look on the foot, the two toned toe and the slingback heel, ahhh it’s all so good!! Time will tell if I manage to get on the kitten heel bandwagon or if I will always feel like a nana in them!

This backless knit was gifted to me from Cashmere in Love, who I have a couple of knits from already and really do love. They are gorgeous quality cashmere and this one is a great one for Spring with the short sleeves and the open back detail, and the v-neck down the back (v-back?? is there a term for this?!).

Finally, these trousers. I bought these with a voucher in Cheshire Oaks from Mulberry a couple of months ago. I am saving them to wear properly for a wedding next month, I am yet to find a top to wear with them but the hunt is well and truly on. This is the first year in my life when I have a summer featuring some weddings and I am feeling the pressure for outfits, I think I might do a blog post all about the hunt and how I am making decisions, because shopping for a specific occasion is not my strong point at all.

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