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One of the first ever brands to reach out to me when I started blogging was Dear Frances. It will be over five years ago now, and I was so excited. Mum and I took a trip down to London to meet Jane (I have actually managed to find the blog post here!!) and shoot some photos in her studio. Fast forward to now, and no shoe brand dominates my wardrobe more than Dear Frances. Every season, Jane sends me new shoes, I have her famous Spirit boots in six different colours, get excited about every new lookbook she releases, and have endlessly recommended her brand online and offline. I simply love it, and Jane Frances, the amazing lady behind it all. Its been a joy to see how much her incredible brand has gown, her shoes now having graced the feet of so many celebrities, and she always creates gorgeous collections that stay so true to her brand. I find her so inspiring, and I am proud of how much we have supported one another in our careers over the past five years. So when Jane asked me to create some content with her around one of her new styles of shoes, I jumped at the chance. We spent the day around Notting Hill filming and shooting content of the Wrap sandal. Jane's take on the flip flop, which you will see everywhere this Summer. It was an effortless day of content creation because our aesthetics meet perfectly, and I have never met a Dear Frances shoe I didn't like

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