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King Krule - Out Getting Ribs (Church Of

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On Sunday my friend Laura came around for a roast, and then we went out for the most gorgeous autumnal walk. It was honestly the most perfect Sunday. Spent with one of my oldest friends, doing things that just felt wholesome and healthy. We talked and talked, both got enthusiastic about the colours and the light throughout Holland Park, and ate a worrying amount of roast potatoes. 


In a recent video I spoke about all the things I wanted to do to really look after myself, things like this are such a reminder of the importance of that. To take the time to be a little slower in your pace, make sure you notice the things around you (especially in the change of seasons, it’s such a beautiful time of year and is so fleeting!) 


I wore my Gap jacket I have been reaching for a lot, it’s the perfect warmth and thickness for this time of year. With some old trusty vintage Levi’s, my Tods boots that I got last season (so far I have been reaching for these more than my Church’s ones because I love how chunky they are) and this knit from & Other Stories which I wore all weekend long and than reluctantly tore myself away from so it could be washed. I am not finding this weather inspiring to dress for, the moment of lovely light and sunshine in which these photos were taken have been few and far between. Its been endless rain in London, yet still muggy and warm, so basically t-shirt and trench coat weather which doesn’t leave much room for any inspiration! 

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