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Some more photos that Isaac and I shot in the studio, which literally feels like another lifetime ago now. The backdrop was bright orange which I did love, but I was messing about with the colour in VSCO and chose my favourite BW filter (B1, if you're interested) and then LOVED how dark the orange backdrop went. So I lazily edited them all in there as opposed to photoshop and they look great - work smart, not hard, as they say. 

The outfit isn't particularly exciting, but is one I seem to go back to every year. These Celine trousers were an amazing find at Bicester Village a couple of years ago and are one of those items I will hold onto forever, if only to wear a handful of times each year. The cut, fabric, detailing on them really is just gorgeous. The top is a knit t-shirt from Uniqlo that I am now kicking myself for not having brought back home with me!! It's a great piece and I have hardly had chance to wear it. And my trusty Muji trainers to finish it off. 

Photos by Isaac. 

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