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Thought this might be a nice way to share some of the photos I take on my phone as I go. I got a new phone over the weekend so it seemed like a good time to actually organise my camera roll (I have over 100k photos on there because I am so bad at deleting things as I go!!) So here are some photos from over the weekend (mostly on Saturday as the weather on Sunday was rubbish). 


On Saturday I wore an outfit featuring a few things I love. This Uniqlo t-shirt was gifted to me as part of a collaboration I did with them last week (it was such an amazing thing to be able to work on, definitely one of my proudest moments!!) This t-shirt is from the men's section and I loveeee it, it's a perfect top for this time of year. And these shoes from Vince, I did this sponsored post with them and they sent these and some knits (which I will be sharing soon). These are so comfy and I am wearing them as often as I can before it gets much colder! 



Mum came down for the weekend with one of her friends which was so lovely. We all sat around and chatted a lot, drank G&Ts and ate lots of these (amazingly tasty) crisps which are honestly impossible to stop eating. Sunday we went shopping, had a Dishoom breakfast, and generally made a day of hiding from the rain. 

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

On Wednesday evening Linds and I went to a party at the COS store in Coal Drops Yard, and did this pose in a mirror. I wore a huge t-shirt from Uniqlo, my Toteme jeans, and some new boots from Dear Frances that I will share with you all soon (they're amazing, more comfortable than the Spirit boot!) 

On Friday night we ate at an amazing spot on Columbia Road called Brawn. It was amazing, and is such a consistently good place to eat. We had a girls night and it was perfect - great company, food and wine (which I am liking more and more!) I wore the same Dear Frances boots, my APC jeans and some layering with my Uniqlo tank top and linen shirt. I loved this outfit, how easy it felt to wear and also how chic it felt too!

A friend also brought around these gorgeous flowers for me. It's amazing how much fresh flowers can brighten up your day, and home!

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