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So I posted a video on YouTube yesterday with the above notes on it, and sort of wanted to delve into a little deeper on here. By 'it' I mean what I want my content to be throughout this year. I have periods of time where I feel like I am on a stride with my content, and then others when I feel like I have no direction at all. Right now, I feel in my stride, and what a perfect way to go into a new year! I want to keep a balance in my content between my everyday life, sharing the mundane and daily things through my own eye and aesthetic, but also to keep working on my film photography skills, and my video work. The question I always ask myself is 'what content do I want to see?' - and the answer is always candid things, people going about their day to day wearing an amazing outfit that they also want to share with me. It sounds so simple (and is actually one of the most difficult ways to make content, because it's so so constant), but I really find it the most engaging. And that is what I want my content to keep focusing on - sharing whatever I love, from clothes to books, all linked together by the fact it is my personal taste, and things don't need a bigger 'theme' than that. It will mean lots of content taken on my phone throughout the week when I am out and about, lots of film photos and videos from travel, and lots of outfits with the pieces in my wardrobe you see all the time. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support and for always checking in on here and reading. I know blogs tend to be on the decline but I lvove mine so much, and want to put more and more energy into it this year. So a huge thank you for taking the time to actually read what I am rambling on about on here! 

And here are some photos from my camera roll this week to enjoy... 

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