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It feels like so long ago since I really sat and wrote an update on here, and here I go with a load of excuses as to why. First and foremost... I just don't have much to say! When I look over my content from last year, I think it was some of the best I had ever done. And so much of that was down to the relentless travelling. It makes it so easy to stay inspired - every new city is a wealth of content, and in turn, it makes London feel more inspiring too because I was spending so little time here. After a year of being grounded, I am struggling to find much inspiration in the same four walls. I keep going to take the same photo over and over - and at what point does it just become sharing something for the sake of it? Over the past two years I have found my style in content; just capturing the everyday with no styling or set up shots. That works great when you have a new surrounding all the time, but not so great when you don't. Alongside that, I just don't have much to say?! Between vlogging each week, the podcast, other projects in the background, and my (lacklustre) attempts at Instagram Stories - there is just nothing left to share or say! Even in day to day life I have a call with a friend and find we have so little to catch up on, because we all have so little going on! Now this is of course a total blessing in the scheme of this year, and shouldn't be changed in the name of content or wanting to find something to write about. I can't wait until I can travel again and return to my routine of dropping my film off and excitedly waiting for it to be developed, and sharing it all on here as fast as I can. But until then, we all may have to look at the same photos a few times more. Embrace the fact we are all dressing in the name of comfort and wearing the same things, and just running with the inspiration whenever it does strike - even if that is just once in a blue moon right now! 

If there is anything you would want to see, or any feedback at all - do let me know! Happy to have a kick up the arse if I'm honest. 

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