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Hello hello! So today feels like my Monday because I sort of had the day off yesterday, a nice three day weekend! Ben is here for the week and he was off work yesterday so we went to Soho Farmhouse, I had all the intentions to work when we were there but it didn't really work out that way. We actually had the best weekend. Saturday we had brunch with friends before heading to a pub on Broadway Market, in what turned out to be quite a late one ending with beer pong and lots of football chants. Sunday, Ben and I spent the morning lazing at home, before we went back over the East London to Columbia Road Flower Market and then grabbing a hugeee Turkish take away to have with friends. 

I am a tad ashamed to say that Broadway Market and Columbia Road Flower Market were two things I have NEVER visited before. I think it's pretty common to get stuck into your own little London areas, it's essential in some ways to make this huge city feel manageable. I have never been the biggest fan of East London because I don't love Shoreditch, which is the only part of East I tend to visit for work. But, it turns out that there is so much more to it than that!! Above all else, this has reminded me how much I need to take the time to explore parts of London more than I currently do. There is so much here and the excuse of being busy gets in the way far too much!


Saturday: Frankie Shop Blazer, they are now stocked on Net-A-Porter!! I LOVE this jacket here. A.P.C jeans, these are the mens pair I bought in the Matches sale, Topshop T-Shirt, Charles & Keith Shoes (gift), Loewe Hammock Bag, it's been so long since I wore this bag!

Sunday: Toteme linen jacket, Raey wool trousers, Novesta trainers, Arket tank top (gift). 

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