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As any of you who watch my YouTube videos will know, I have recently been painting some canvases for the space above my TV at home. I have been also using them in my content, so Isaac shot these photos of me working on one last week. They really are incredibly simple, but doing them has generally sparked some thoughts about creativity. My favourite thing about my job is the fact I can create for a living, and that the creative part of what I do is what I get to spend the most time on. I remember being at school, when art was always my favourite subject, realising how hard it was to find a job within that realm that allowed you to create whatever you fancied. The fact I found that job, and the fact it ties in with fashion, is honestly a dream come true.

I am grateful for every comment I get that notices the creativity in my work, because it’s the main thing I would always hope to be recognised for, so it means so much to me when you guys see that. I want to always share with you as much as I can; a photo of some sort every day, every trip documented, every outfit shared. Sometimes it can be hard to see a way to do things in a new way when you are creating and sharing so much, but I am grateful to be in an industry that offers endless inspiration to me also.

These photos have been shot on my new digital camera, and it’s the first time in a really really long time that I have shared digital photography, aside from what I get off my iPhone. I love film photography so much, and I will continue to work on that as much as possible, but I wanted to try something new that might allow me to share even more, and even more instantly, especially when I am away. I have learnt so much from shooting on film; through framing, to being selective about what you actually take, and I want to shoot in the exact same way in digital photography too. Film almost creates an easy aesthetic in some ways, hand anyone a point and shoot and they will create something lovely, just because film itself is so lovely and gives such great results and a look that happens to be very popular right now. I am hoping moving back to digital a little more will push me in some new ways, how I edit, how I choose to take photos without relying on the fact 35mm is always going to make it look a certain way that I always love so much. Who knows, I might be back to solely film within a month and this little experiment will mostly just remind me of why I love film so much, but it’s definitely worth a try!

So I am off to New York on Wednesday, I am going to take my beloved film camera and also the new digital, and will shoot on both while I am away - and I am already excited to see the results when I am back and see which feels like it’s been the most challenging and creative to work with!


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