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I feel so thankful to have so much countryside on my doorstep right now. To be able to walk for miles over the moors without really seeing another person is true bliss, and one I am not taking for granted. I have been going on one long walk everyday and it's truly the highlight of each day at the moment. I haven't even been listening to music as I go, just paying attention to the sounds around me and trying really hard to calm my mind. I am hoping to feel myself adjust into a more positive mindset soon, but for the past week I have mostly been teary and anxious over what's going on. I know we all need to be kind to ourselves through this and allow ourselves to grieve our previous way if life, and come to terms with the indefinite aspect of all of this. I know I will get there, and I need to listen to my own advice of knowing that I need to be gentle with myself and allow myself to go through whatever waves of emotions come my way. 

I have never been more thankful for my online community. No matter what, I promise to keep all my channels fresh with content as much as I can so that we can all come together through this, and hopefully find moments to breath together. 

Harlem River - Kevin Morby

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